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Monday, June 26, 2006

Dr. Jay & Miss Diana Guests on Music Highway

Although it was by unusual circumstances (their van broke down on I-40 during a recent trip to West Tennessee) we were thrilled to once again have Jay & Diana Allen (a.k.a. Dr. Jay & Miss Diana) stop by for a visit with us on Music Highway. The "dynamic" duo have a new CD out and graced us with a few selections from the new release.

We were able to catch up with all that has been going on with Jay & Diana since our last meeting back in December when they made their first appearance on the show.

We always look forward to spending time with these wacky folks as they always shake things up a bit on the show and everyone has a great time laughing and generally having a good time recording another installment of Music Highway. You certainly never know what to expect from Jay and Diana rounds out the team with great conversation and fabulous songs.

Jay & Diana are staff writers for a publisher in Nashville and frequently visit West Tennessee to "get away" for some solitude to write songs. Over the past year or so they have appeared in person at a selection of Jackson nightspots and venues and are scheduled to be back in town performing at T.J. Mulligan's on Friday night July 7th.

If you get a chance get out and see them when they come to town. They are wonderfully talented and gifted songwriters/performers and always deliver a great performance wherever they appear. July 7th will be a good opportunity for West Tennessseans to catch their show since mostly they work clubs, songwriter nights, and other venues mostly in Nashville.

One thing for sure, if you are looking for something different check out Dr. Jay and Miss Diana "LIVE". You are certain to become instant fans.

Here are some online locations where you can learn more about and even hear the music of Dr. Jay & Miss Diana:


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